Frameworks to Unstuck Yourself: 30-Day Self Mastery Program

Tochukwu Evans Okoro
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Weed addicted, p*rn-addicted, depressed, stuck, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and lost. This was all me.

Looking back at how my life was, it's a surprise how much change I've experienced in the last few years.

I didn't grow up in the best environment. My parents got divorced when I was 14.

I used porn to cope with the emptiness. I got old and I smoked always, struggled with my self-image, and struggled to maintain relationships.

I felt like I had no control over my life. Nothing worked. I failed myself. Failed others. I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere.

My relationship with God was off and on.

I spent all the money I made on fancy stuff. But this was an excuse to fill up the emptiness and low self-esteem. It was me subconsciously trying to buy acceptance.

Things changed when I got this realization...

When you form a relationship with yourself, you understand who you are. And this is how you create a better outcome for yourself.


  • I'm in the best relationship of my life.
  • I'm more confident in who I am.
  • Addiction-free
  • I don't worry about money anymore.
  • I'm closer to God.
  • I know my purpose.
  • And millions of people find value in what I have to share.

This isn't some self-help book. I am pointing you to the frameworks that turned me from purposeless to reaching millions of people with my message.

This program requires focus, discipline, and an unrelenting need to get out of the rut you've created for yourself.

I get overwhelmed by the messages I get from people. Here are a few.

Most of us struggle with the same things. And it's sad because most people don't know the truth.

This is why this program is so valuable.

Most people focus on making money alone. Or getting fit alone. Or spirituality alone. Or improving their emotional health alone. But getting un-stuck is a holistic process.

Focusing on one area alone causes imbalance.

Sadly, most people don't know this, which is why they struggle.

With this program...

  • You will become whole again.
  • You will become more confident in yourself
  • You will improve your mental health
  • You will build the mental models to help you achieve self-actualization.
  • You will reach optimal physiological levels
  • You will improve the quality of your relationships
  • You will see why you're addicted and the steps to beat it
  • You will start to see money as a by-product of the value you give and not the main focus.
  • You will get closer to God despite what you're going through

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is the highest form of need. It takes work to get there. But with this framework, you'll get there.

We're all leaders in some way. And this is the truth I want you to embody with this program.

But you need to be whole to be an effective leader.

Although not everyone will want to create content and publish online, you live around people. And every interaction you have with them is a message.

This guide is for people who:

  • Feel stuck and want change.
  • Struggle to find their purpose.
  • Depressed and want happiness.
  • Keep entering into the wrong relationships.
  • Struggling with addiction and want freedom
  • Trying to push past their current limitations
  • Fighting mental battles and want peace
  • Struggling with low-self esteem and want confidence.

Please Note: The frameworks I'll share in this program won't work without your action.

Again, if you think this is some self-help book that will coddle you and make you feel good, you can stop reading here.

These frameworks include strict instructions you need to get back on the right path - which you can always go back to when you feel lost.

They are a foundation.

And when leveraged will keep creating positive results for yourself and the people around you.

The 30-day Self Mastery program will give you frameworks to improve

  • Your relationships
  • Your career
  • Your fitness levels
  • Your mindset
  • Your spiritual life

This program includes

  • Frameworks to Unstuck yourself ebook
  • 30-Day Habit Tracker
  • 120 Mindset Resources
  • 17 Affirmations
  • 1hr Audiobook

Here are some testimonials




Bahman Zarghami (@B_Zarghami)


"Tochukwu's 30-day Self-Mastery programme is worth 1000x the price you pay for. What I love about this course, is that it's not the same self-help book kind of content. It's genuine, original, and unique methods that will help you truly become your best self. Life can be extremely tough and down sometimes, and this course will show you how to get through these times, and come out of them stronger than ever!"

- @Art0fLife_

"The 30-day Self Mastery Program is the program I needed when I was 20. In my 20’s I had no direction. In my 20’s I drank A LOT of alcohol. In my 20’s I was in relationships for the sex. I was a thief. I smoked pot. I had zero confidence. It took me YEARS to dig myself out. If any of that is you...take this course. It doesn’t have to take you years. Change your life in 30-60 days."

- George Sisneros (@OneGSisneros)

Here's my guarantee

If what I've shown you in this program doesn't give you any meaningful improvement, please send me a DM or an email, and I'll give you a full refund.

I'm so confident this program works, so I know you'll only struggle with it if you don't use what I've shared in this program.

The price goes up 30% at the end of the month!

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Frameworks to Unstuck Yourself: 30-Day Self Mastery Program

14 ratings
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